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A Case Study:

Spend Management Revolution at Joliet Junior College

See how ESM transformed how spend happens at JJC

Not that long ago, just filling out a purchase order at Joliet Junior College took days - even an entire week - to complete. Paper copies, interoffice deliveries, snail mail and faxes all bogged down the process required to get what the Illinois-based community college needed to educate students and operate.

JJC leaders were more than ready for a spend management revolution when they deployed ESM’s spend management solutions. And that’s exactly what they got.

“The ESM solution has made our processes so much more efficient,” says Roxanne Venegas, JJC’s purchasing manager. “Things are happening faster, which is allowing us to do a lot more.”

These days, JJC is enjoying all of the benefits of spend management automation. Purchase orders are fulfilled almost instantaneously and cost 75 percent less to process. P-card spending has increased 73 percent. And rebates are up a whopping 70 percent because of that boosted P-card spending.

What’s more, with Amazon included in JJC’s online marketplace, procurement leaders can track and approve all purchases on the e-commerce giant or redirect their buyers to preferred vendors.

“We can see what they want to purchase and stop purchases that aren’t necessarily allowable or should be handled in a different way,” Venegas says.

Take a closer look at JJC’s spend management revolution in our latest case study

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