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Ask Questions, Get Answers: 
You’ve got questions and you know the answers are in your data somewhere, but it’s too hard to get them.

Big Data.

Artificial Intelligence.

Spend Analytics.

These are just some of the latest tech buzzwords that vendors and consultants are throwing around. The hype around new technology comes and goes like a  passing fad, but the technologies in question don’t magically create extra hours in the work week. Nor do they come with the extra headcount you’d need to use them. …so they tend not to get used.

In fact, one of the main reasons organizations stop using analytics solutions and their associated dashboards is the lack of utilization, which in turn leads to a lack of perceived value. Below the surface, they are too hard to configure. And the information presented is interesting but usually unactionable. It’s too hard to dig deeper to ask the right questions of your data.


What if you could work with our procurement experts to ask questions best suited for your organization?


What if these experts had the tools and the knowledge needed to mine your data to find actionable answers?

What If:


What if they could configure the dashboard specifically for your organization, for your strategic initiatives and your performance metrics?


And what if you could adjust the dashboard as your questions and understanding evolve?

What if we could make it easy?

Analytics from ESM pulls relevant data from our various solution modules to provide a more pragmatic approach to Spend Analytics for today’s procurement professionals.

ESM’s experts will work with your team to

Help you articulate the most important performance metrics for the situation at your organization.

Model the data and query for answers.

Iterate and refine the model until it meets your requirements.

Configure your dashboard.

Update data models and dashboards as your situation evolves.

Spend Analytics as a Service from ESM

Procure-to-Pay Visibility

If you’re using solutions from ESM, we can access your data, and provide insights at all stages of your process. We’ll work with you to find new savings opportunities, reduce risk, and increase compliance.

Measure so you can Manage

Are you saving? How much? Are the spend metrics you care most about tracking in the right direction? Close the data loop as the information from eprocurement or contract management solutions feeds the analytics engine so you can make near real-time course corrections.

Strategic Procurement. Measured.

You have goals to spend with preferred vendors, MWBE vendors, Local vendors, or Green Vendors. Now you can know how you are tracking against those goals in near real-time.

Mount Holyoke college

Mount Holyoke College manages spend, controls costs and improves compliance

"Our “Go Live” was flawless and it was all due to the project planning, weekly meetings, training sessions, gentle reminders and your management oversight of the entire project."


Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech gets better user interface, better functionality, more flexible workflows, and more stable pricing

"ESM Solutions helped make the transition nearly seamless, and their support has not wavered after several years."


University of Richmond


"They are just a really good company to work with and I would definitely recommend them to anybody."


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