Lowe’s joins ESM’s supplier network

As Lowe’s joins our increasingly diverse and strategic mix of suppliers with punch-out capabilities, it’s bringing some important new procurement initiatives to the table.

ESM wins Ellucian Technology Partner Award

For the second year, ESM’s work with Ellucian is award winning. This week, we took home an Ellucian Technology Partner Award for our work to help Ellucian customers meet their spend management goals

Gonzaga Transforms Spend Management

ESM Purchase gives the Procurement team at Gonzaga a clearer picture of just how university departments are spending their dollars and allows them to quickly address any issue that comes up. It allows them to analyze spend and identify new opportunities to drive savings and negotiate better contracts.

College of Western Idaho signs on with ESM

The College of Western Idaho will deploy ESM Purchase, with integration to Ellucian Colleague through Ellucian’s Ethos communication platform, and ESM Contract Management to streamline its spend management practices.

Ivy Tech Procurement Optimization

Ivy Tech’s team is already on its way to procurement optimization with ESM’s spend management platform, which features an intuitive user interface and a streamlined integration to its ERP, Banner by Ellucian

ESM-Ellucian Partnership Continues to Build

With record crowds and a flurry of interest and activity about the ESM-Ellucian partnership, the enthusiastic crowds kept us hopping. Win the influx of inquiries, we are working on a number of additional resources for our audiences in higher education.