We’re happy to give you another look at the new user interface for our award-winning Procurement Automation solution.


We’re bringing a real consumer shopping experience to Procurement Automation.  If your customers — the employees, staffers or faculty of your organization have shopped on any one of the hundreds of ecommerce sites on the internet, they will feel right at home in ESM Purchase.

ESM is already known for easy & rapid adoptions at places like at IvyTech and CalState, where they haven’t had to hold formal training sessions, but have amassed thousands of users in just a few months. Our new user interface is going to further accelerate adoption rates for our customers.

“Employees want to do the right thing. They want to spend money wisely. But in many places they have to tradeoff the time and effort to follow buying guidelines with the need to get their jobs done. The best way for organizations to reduce off-contract spending is to make it easy to do it the right way.  That’s what we’ve done with ESM Purchase.”

The best way for organizations to reduce rogue spending is to adopt an eProcurement platform that not only manages and tracks spend, but also is something that users want to use and can easily learn with little to no training……this new user interface does exactly that.

Anthony Rotoli