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Gonzaga University Transforms Spend Management with ESM

Find out how they’re spending better!

ESM Purchase gives the Procurement team at Gonzaga a clearer picture of just how university departments are spending their dollars and allows them to quickly address any issue that comes up. With a complete view into how the P-cards are being used, for example, it allows Gonzaga to analyze spend and identify new opportunities to drive savings and negotiate better contracts.

In addition, the e-commerce shopping solution is easy to learn - no different than shopping and buying on consumer sites. They can simply search and click their way to the items they need. Then, if required, ship their online order to a supervisor for the appropriate approvals.

“We promised an eCommerce experience and that’s really what it’s like,” said Steve Lunden, purchasing director at Gonzaga University said. “It’s really pretty simple and they know how to do it. They can order items without much interaction. It’s really intuitive.”

In fact, Lunden said he didn’t have to schedule dozens of training sessions so users could become familiar with the system.  “It’s just a matter of people knowing it’s there and then making sure the right catalogs are available to them,” he said.

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