Overcome the most common e-Procurement Objections

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To say that procure to pay solutions can save money and make organizations more efficient is somewhat like saying the Earth is round. Yet, despite numerous examples of successful implementations in the marketplace today, some organizations continue to rely on antiquated “flat Earth” approaches to sourcing, procurement, invoicing and contract management. Why?

With considerable cost savings and productivity improvements, you’d think that ROI would be obvious and the green light to implement would be a slamdunk. Yet, hesitation persists and there are some common objections – myths, really — that need to be addressed.

Anthony Rotoli of ESM Solutions and Steve Lunden of Gonzaga University will systematically debunk some of the most common objections to eProcurement, such as:

  1. We Don’t Have the Budget or Headcount
  2. We Don’t Want to Lose Control
  3. We Have Very Specific Needs
  4. It’s Too Complicated and Will Take Too Long
  5. It Doesn’t Solve the Whole Problem
  6. Our ERP System Has an eProcurement Module
  7. What if Nobody Uses it?

You may have heard or expressed some of these concerns before. Maybe all of them. In fact, in today’s resource constrained environments, these potential objections can probably be applied to any number or types of projects, and they are all worthy of consideration before embarking on a new project.

But when it comes to eProcurement solutions, are they more myth or reality?

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