“Dedication.” “Quality.” “Flawless.”


We’re pretty proud of the spend management products that we’ve developed here at ESM. We know they save our customers a lot of time and money. But we’re even more proud of our staff, who get the job done and have helped drive us to record revenues for the first half of 2016.

And those three words - dedication, quality, flawless - come from one of our customers as they describe their experience during a recent upgrade to ESM Purchase, our eProcurement solution, with help from one of our senior project managers.

Mount Holyoke College, the historic women’s college in South Hadley, Mass., with about 2,200 students, is using our solution to better manage its spend, control costs and improve compliance.

Here’s what Mount Holyoke’s director of purchasing wrote:

On behalf of Mount Holyoke College, I want to thank you most sincerely for the outstanding manner in how you managed our implementation. The effort and dedication you gave our projects is evident in the quality Enterprise production platform we now operate on.

Our “Go Live” was flawless and it was all due to the project planning, weekly meetings, training sessions, gentle reminders and your management oversight of the entire project. In addition, you made it easy for me to remain on track with all of the tasks assigned to me and I enjoyed the ease with which you and I worked together throughout the project.

Lastly, I appreciate the smooth handoff today to Dick and Sean and I am confident that whatever issue might crop up in the future we are in good hands. Please pass along my gratitude to all at ESM Solutions.

Christopher Rust

Director of Purchasing, Mount Holyoke


As anybody who has been involved in a major software installation like this knows, there can be a lot of moving parts and a lot of hard work. But, when we get notes like this from our customers after yet another successful launch, we realize why we do what we do and why all of those long days are worthwhile.

We extend a big thank you to the procurement team at Mount Holyoke for making ESM your eProcurement solution. We look forward to helping you - and all of our customers - save time and money.

~ Anthony Rotoli and Jeff Mason