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New York Institute of Technology turns to ESM

ESM’s security, audit capabilities appeal to global institution


ESM will bring its flexible and affordable contract management solution to New York Institute of Technology.

The private research university serves 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students and employs 3,600 staff members at campuses in New York, Arkansas, United Arab Emirates, China and Canada.

ESM’s solutions are designed for organizations of all sizes and can mold to existing workflows, allowing for fast implementation and a solid foundation to evolve an organization’s business practices.

Online repository

With it, NYIT can move from cumbersome Excel spreadsheets to an online repository that stores contract templates, drafts and existing contracts and manages the entire contract lifecycle.

Within the solution, users can retrieve any contract, clause or attached file just as they would search for anything else online. Automatic alerts and notifications will pull forgotten contracts out of inboxes and off of cluttered desks, ending bottlenecks and avoiding unintended renewals and expirations. The solution is integrated with Docusign, for digital signatures.

Robust security, audit capabilities

ESM customers also gain critical security and audit capabilities as they manage their organization’s contracts. With it, they get:

  • In transit encryption, providing a layer of protection when data moves between users and the cloud.
  • Full searchability of all documents, including PDFs and images, through Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, which converts non-text-searchable documents to text-searchable ones.
  • The ability to follow the progress of all activity in the solution. Everything is tracked and timestamped. Users also can see past versions of documents to trace changes.
  • Full access control, allowing some users to edit documents and others to simply read them as needed.
  • Single sign-on capability. The solution is integrated with Shibboleth, an open-source project that makes single sign-ons possible.


“Our solutions take the hassle out of managing the paper at our institutional customers,” ESM CEO Anthony Rotoli said. “We look forward to helping NYIT transform and automate its processes.”

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