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Overcome the most common objections to eProcurement

How to get buy-in for spend management solutions

To say that procure-to-pay solutions can save money and make organizations more efficient is kind of like saying the Earth is round.

Yet, despite numerous examples of successful implementations in the marketplace today, some organizations continue to rely on antiquated “flat Earth” approaches to sourcing, procurement, invoicing and contract management.


Decision makers hesitate to make the leap. They worry they don’t have the budget or headcount. They fear they are going to lose control. They’re anxious that it won’t meet their very specific needs. They wonder if anybody will ever use it.

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The facts, however, prove them wrong. Indeed, the benefits of spend management are far-reaching. Just take a look at some of the advantages that ESM users enjoy when they sign on:

  • Reduced transaction costs
  • Improved process efficiency
  • Reduced or eliminated maverick spending
  • Increased spend under management
  • Improved contract compliance
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Inventory cost savings
  • Freed up time for management and staff to focus on creating greater value for the enterprise

With that lineup of potential cost savings and productivity improvements, you’d think that ROI would be obvious and the green light to implement would be a slam dunk. Yet, hesitation persists and there are some common objections – myths, really — that need to be addressed.

In our ebook “Excuses, Alibis and Reasons Why,” we cover the objections to eProcurement and share how several customers have avoided or overcome them. Use it as your guide to better eProcurement and spend management for your organization.

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