In today’s business world, it is very difficult to succeed on your own. Complicated solutions are required to satisfy the customer’s needs. Often, we need the assistance of a partner to meet those needs and find the right solution for the customer. Take a few minutes and search company websites and you will see how partner strategy has changed over the years from a necessary component of day to day business to an openly embraced innovative strategy.

ESM Solutions is no different in recognizing the critical need of strategic partnerships and recently aligned with another great company, Chrome River. Chrome River is a leading provider of online expense reporting and invoice management service that provides complete process automation and cost controls around an organization’s accounts payable operations. This offering will compliment ESM’s spend management solutions and result in a superior customer experience. This is another example of how impactful a partnership can be for all parties involved including the customer. The ability to collaborate with other innovative companies allows you to meet the changing and complex solutions needed by customers. Additional benefits are a larger professional network, ability to control development cost, and an informal introduction to new cutting edge products and services.

Strong partner channels are critical to the overall health and growth of a thriving company. The value of partnerships increases each year as technology and customer requirements continually evolve. The road to long-term success can be bumpy and difficult. It is often paved with a little help from our partners.