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Portland State sticks with ESM for three more years

University to continue its Procurement Automation gains

Portland State relies on ESM’s Spend Management solution to track and guide its spend. The platform offers an online shopping portal that includes an organization’s preferred vendors and negotiated contracts and automates all procurement activities. The intuitive solution boasts a user interface that looks just like any e-commerce shopping site, making rapid adoption possible.

P-card use grows

With the solution, Portland State has boosted its use of P-cards through the system, allowing the institution to maximize rebates. Between 2016 and 2017, Portland State increased total spend through the platform by an impressive 70 percent. At the same time, the total number of transactions shot up by a whopping 75 percent.

Single sign-on available

Portland State also takes advantage of ESM’s single sign-on capabilities, which make it easier for users to access and use the platform because they don’t have to remember or search for separate username and password details to log on.

“Signing on new customers is always wonderful,” ESM CEO Anthony Rotoli said. “But it’s always a great day and a good sign when so many existing customers like Portland State choose to stay with us. And Portland State has had such great success with the solution already.”

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