K-12 system moves quickly from ESM’s legacy platform

A long-time customer of ESM, Norfolk Public Schools recently migrated from the old eSchoolMall solution to the ESM Purchase platform – in just a couple of months.

The K-12 school district, based in Norfolk, Va., serves more than 34,000 students from nearly 65 schools and other facilities across the city in southeastern Virginia.

Now, Norfolk is using ESM Purchase and ESM Sourcing to consolidate its procurement, bidding and vendor solicitation processes.

ESM Purchase, an intuitive online ordering system, pushes buyers to an organization’s negotiated contracts and approved vendors, boosting access to rebates and other discounts.

ESM Sourcing automates all aspects of sourcing, offering a collaborative marketplace that enhances supplier relations and integrates with existing workflows for quick implementation.

Both solutions include flexible and affordable options for organizations of all sizes.

A true consumer e-commerce shopping experience will increase adoption, transaction volumes, and savings.

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Norfolk Public Schools is the latest ESM customer to launch our spend management solutions within just a few months of signing. Other rapid deployment examples include:

  • Gonzaga – 2 months from start to first transactions [link if it is live on time..]
  • CalState – Go live at the first 10 campuses in 4 months [link]
  • Suny Cortland – 4 months to go live[link]

“After their experiences with other vendors, many of our new customers worry that deployment will take as long as a year. That’s not the way we do things.” ESM CEO Anthony Rotoli said. “In the world of eProcurement, rapid deployment equals rapid returns. Our team works hard with our customers to get them up and running as quickly as possible. That was our goal with Norfolk. We’re excited this first step is complete and look forward to continuing the work with them.”