Real ROI examples from procure-to-pay

Control and Visibility into Your Institution’s Spend for Real, Measurable Savings.

With the strategic partnership between Ellucian and ESM, organizations that rely on Banner by Ellucian or Colleague by Ellucian can easily add ESM-created solutions to their ERP systems through their Ellucian representatives.


Many higher education institutions are dealing with lower revenues, higher costs, and more competition for students. Smaller, private colleges, especially, are hurting. Some have closed their doors; others are merging to keep their doors open.

In today’s economic climate, every penny counts. But, when rogue spending, unauthorized contracts, and non-compliant spending are allowed to proliferate, thousands - even millions of dollars - can be wasted.

Ellucian Purchase can create visibility into your organization’s spend, so you can uncover the gaps, take control of the spend and keep your organization from leaking even more


Based on our experience with hundreds of institutions and thousands of transactions, we know that:

  1. Ellucian Purchase solutions can positively impact around 18% of an organization’s budget. This is known as “addressable spend.”
    Average savings on the addressable spend put through the system is 12%.
  2. These savings are real, are demonstrated every day with institutions across the country, add up over time, and make a big difference on organizations’ tight budgets.
  3. Imagine what the savings could be realized if your organization drove more spend through the same system with your strategic approved suppliers.

Download this ebook to learn about the impact at other institutions.

Real ROI Examples from Procure-to-Pay

Create visibility into your organization’s spend, uncover gaps, take control of the spend and keep your organization from leaking money.

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