A joint customer of ESM and Ellucian shares their success story


Good things happen when you drive more spend through your integrated Ellucian-ESM system.


Delaware Valley University is a poster child for procurement efficiency. But that wasn’t always the case. Before partnering with Ellucian-ESM, the institution’s paper-based workflows were the cause of inefficiency and administrative headaches:


Illegible yellow requisition forms


Impossible-to-track paper contracts

Lost and outdated paperwork

Location: Doylestown, Pa.
Student population: 2,000
Operating budget: $50 million

Procurement Transformed

Before ESM

DelVal relied on outdated paper processes to track its purchasing.

» Hard-to-read paper requisition forms had outdated prices and bad account information.

» Buyers couldn’t track individual orders, which often went missing.

» Delivery took days - even weeks.

That was an average day for us before ESM came along — ESM completely fixed all of those problems.

William Lyle

Purchasing Director, Delaware Valley University

With ESM

The procure-to-pay platform fully automates all of DelVal’s procurement activities.

» Online marketplace features only approved vendors and negotiated contracts.

» An intuitive user interface for swift adoption.

» Happy users enjoy next day delivery on many items.

Contract Management Revolutionized

Before ESM

Manual processes made it difficult to properly and efficiently manage contracts.

» The organization had no single spot to store contracts at any stage of the process.    

» It was impossible to quickly pull up individual contracts.

» The system offered no efficient way to find the status of existing contracts or ensure DelVal had fully executed copies.

With ESM

The automated platform follows a contract from start to finish.

» Contracts and related materials are stored online.

» The robust search capabilities make it easy to pull up any document.

» Reminders ensure all contracts are signed, updated and tracked as required.

» Alerts give advance warning of upcoming renewals

It’s a godsend

William Lyle

All Synced Up

DelVal enjoys a harmonious integration between ESM and its ERP - Colleague by Ellucian.


A Seamless 3-Step Process


An order is created in ESM


ESM connects to Colleague before any order is finalized to check and encumber the budget. If money isn’t in the budget, Colleague notifies ESM, which alerts DelVal officials.


Once the order is placed, Colleague encumbers and creates a purchase order, which is searchable in both ESM or Colleague by vendor, line item and other terms.

It’s very simple and easy to use - it’s seamless.

William Lyle

Purchasing Director, Delaware Valley University

ESM Makes Supplier Diversity Possible

When a small local toner company approached DelVal officials with a great deal, university officials wanted to say, “Yes.” But the company had to have a catalog in DelVal’s online marketplace through ESM.  


“These guys knew toner. They didn’t know computers. ESM led them by the hand and helped them from ground zero up to building in a full-scale punchout, which is now used on a regular basis by everyone on campus.”

William Lyle

The Results - Efficiency Savings:

Processing time for orders

cut by at least

WP Downloads Per Day

Suppliers consolidated

down by

WP Downloads Per Hour

Audit Responsiveness

WP Downloads Per Minute

Real Dollar Savings:

Some institutions balk at the cost of spend management automation, but Lyle says it’s more than worth it.

Real dollars saved


“The savings that are attainable - both the soft savings and the hard savings - will outweigh whatever you pay to ESM.”

William Lyle

Purchasing Director, Delaware Valley University





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