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Maintain Visibility and Control whether you use Amazon or not

See Amazon and Strategic Vendors in the Same Shopping Portal

Is Amazon just a new and tempting gateway to more maverick spend? Or is it a convenient place to get better prices? Should you embrace it or try to keep it out of your campus or organization?

Whatever procurement strategy you set for your organization, channeling spend through an eprocurement shopping portal can reduce off-contract spend, increase visibility and improve control for transactions with strategic vendors, AND with e-commerce sites such as Amazon.

Watch this recorded webinar to see how it’s done!

ESM Purchase users can:

Automatically compare prices with different vendors, for instance, a pack of pens on Amazon compared to the same pack from Office Depot


Set purchase approvals, which allows you to control rogue spend.


Restrict where a package is shipped to avoid delivery nightmares.

Shop from catalogs designed just for them or their team to guarantee compliance.

Have visibility to ensure spend is dedicated to specific items, categories and only your suppliers.