Save the Planet and your Budget

Why It Matters To Your Procurement Department

Save The Planet
One Procurement Department at a time!

As sustainability takes on a greater significance in today’s society, it is important for influential organizations like colleges, universities, school systems and even local governments and nonprofits to take on a visible role in changing how goods and services are consumed. A sound sustainability policy can affect more than the environment — it can affect the organization’s brand, access to funding sources, population growth and, for educational institutions, even student enrollment.

Unlikely Heroes

Business, finance, and procurement leaders have an opportunity to assume a more strategic role in driving sustainability by guiding their organizations towards purchases that support long-term sustainability objectives.

In fact, procurement departments are in a unique position to steer organizational consumption of goods and services towards available sustainable options. For example:

  • Strategic sourcing seeks out, prioritizes and awards contracts to eco-certified vendors.
  • eProcurement’s online shopping environment promotes sustainable options from approved vendors.
  • eInvoicing eliminates associated paper and transportation costs.

Lead By Example

You’re on the front lines of the sustainability movement. Take the opportunity to choose tools that will help your organization institutionalize the right decision and behaviors in your organization.

In this e-book, we review the importance of sustainability; provide an overview of lifecycle thinking to help guide decision making; and illustrate how the procurement function can affect change throughout the organization.

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