More spend. More savings. More rebates.


You did the hard work and convinced your organization to invest in ESM Purchase, our eProcurement solution. Or maybe you’re still on the sidelines but getting ready to make a future project successful.

What happens when you hit the go button?

Do users flock to the new eProcurement portal, reveling in our intuitive e-commerce platform where they find everything they’re looking for and great prices?

Or, do they just keep doing what they’ve always done — search the internet, work with familiar vendors, and shop off-contract for work-related purchases.

Chances are, you’ve got a bit of both going on.

It can be a challenge for procurement leaders: you’ve got all the responsibility and accountability, but often without the formal authority to mandate the desired behaviors.

If you’re one of the insightful people that chose the ESM Purchase solution, we have some very good news.  It is quite possibly the easiest, most intuitive solutions on the market. Your users don’t need to be trained so much as they need to be informed that the marketplace exists, and why it is good for them, their department and the school to make purchases through it.

But even with a consumer e-commerce shopping interface to work with, uses may still need to be educated, informed, and occasionally reminded to conduct purchases through the portal.

This ebook looks at some of the tactics and tools used by ESM customers to meet and even exceed their utilization targets.

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eProcurement Utilization Playbook