You need a dedicated solution

ERP is not enough for eProcurement

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is not the same as electronic procurement (eProcure-ment). ERP systems are designed and built to serve the needs of the finance department and the accountants.

Do these sound familiar?

  • Being asked to do more with less.
  • No visibility to spending information.
  • Hard to see where you can drive spend to maximize buying power.
  • An ERP implementation is imminent.


eProcurement solutions, on the other hand, work the way your purchasing team works, providing the flexible tools they need through every step of the procure-to-pay pro-cess. They also empower employees across the company to lower spending by identifying areas for improved efficiency or new income generation. eProcurement is an online solution you can use to source, contract with and manage suppliers. It provides your employees with an easy, intuitive tool to engage in the procure-to-pay process while giving your procurement department full control over where and how it is allowed to spend. It tracks and analyzes your spending and steers organization-wide spending to preferred suppliers and other compliance targets.

Discover why ERP is not enough for eProcurement:

  1. Differences between a bolt-on ERP module and a dedicated eProcurement solution
  2. Signs your company needs an eProcurement solution
  3. How the right eProcurement solution can lower costs
  4. How to maximize the cost savings of an eProcurement solution

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