How small institutions gain big rewards with ESM

“It’s too hard to learn.” NOT TRUE!

“We can’t afford it.” TRY AGAIN!

“We’re too small.” WAY OFF!

When we talk to small higher education institutions, K-12 school districts and other organizations, we hear the same misconceptions over and over.

Here’s the thing: Our customer ranks include dozens of small organizations. They are currently saving thousands of dollars thanks to automated sourcing, procurement and contract management. So can you.

Easy to Deploy. Easy to Use. Easy on Your Budget.

Easy to Deploy

We’ll have you saving money in mere months.







Mount Holyoke College


“Our “Go Live” was flawless and it was all due to the project planning, weekly meetings, training sessions, gentle reminders and your management oversight of the entire project.”

Christopher Rust
Director of Procurement
Mount Holyoke College

ESM has been a great partner with us, customizing their portal to fit our workflow with minimal time and effort from purchasing staff..”

Marge Dunehew

Director of Procurement and Auxiliary Services
Hampshire College

city of philadelphia

“We promised an Amazon-like experience and that’s really what it’s like. It’s really pretty simple and they already know how to use it.”

Steve Lunden
Director of Purchasing
Gonzaga University

Easy to Use

Training? Not much is required. Our intuitive user interface works like any e-commerce platform.

city of philadelphia

“It’s like everyday e-commerce shopping. There was a lot of familiarity for the end user. That’s what made it easy.”

Melissa D. Popp
Purchasing Manager
East Central College

Easy to Save

Got PO’s?

We can help cut costs and cut time to process. Now who wouldn’t want that?

Big savings at Joliet Junior College

Cut Cost of PO by


Cut Processing Time by


Delaware Valley University

Cut Processing Time by


“This has been a savior for us.”        Roxanne Venegas, Purchasing Manager, Joliet Junior College

Easy to Work With

Flexible, focused on service

You have fixed workflows.
We have flexible solutions.

city of philadelphia

There was even more positive feedback than I expected. The things that were added actually made their lives easier. And, even though it was new, they were excited about it.”

Roxanne Venegas
Purchasing Manager
Joliet Junior College

city of philadelphia

“We felt like we were not a little fish in a big sea. Being a small school, sometimes with the larger companies, we’re not as important. But ESM said, ‘We’re going to take care of you and make this happen.’ And their support line has been great.

Wendy Bouchard
Strategic Sourcing Manager
University of Richmond

ERP Integration

ESM’s solutions integrate with your ERP or financial system of record. Or it can be its own shopping portal.

ESM was the first company that teamed up with Colleague to offer this kind of online platform for requisition.

Melissa D. Popp

Purchasing Manager, East Central College

Measureable savings

When you’re talking 30 percent or 75 percent savings, that’s transaction-based, not amorphous. That’s your department’s budget that just got stretched.

Steve Lunden

Director of Purchasing, Gonzaga University

Gonzaga University Savings

  • Clock 75% 75%
  • AA batteries 50% 50%
  • Vinyl gloves 30% 30%
  • Across the board savings 14% 14%

How we do it


We know you have a tight budget. Our prices reflect your realities.


Our solutions are designed to make it easy for organizations to start saving immediately - because they so easy and intuitive to use.

Here to help - everybody

Nobody is too small at ESM. We’ll pick up the phone.

“It does what they say it does. They’ve got great support. They are constantly upgrading. They don’t leave you in the dust like, ‘Here is your software, good luck.’ They are there to support it.”

Barbara Mormando

Director of Purchasing, Bloomfield College

Are you ready to learn how spend management solutions from ESM can help your organization?