It’s time to build a profitable P-Card program.

Here’s How. And Why.


Create efficiencies and automate

A great way to manage low-dollar, high-volume purchases.

Earn rebates and rewards

Last year, the FWISD’s rebate check was $250,000!

Improve transparency, controls and security

Get greater purchasing visibility and accountability.

Identify and create cost savings

Add spending thresholds and controls.

Align your purchasing process

P-Cards are the way of the future.
P-Cards are one of the easiest solutions to implement, and when paired with online eProcurement shopping, there is an added benefit of directing your organization’s dollars to preferred suppliers and favored contracts.

In this eBook and Webinar, we will quickly examine:

  • Why you should start a P-Card program
  • Important steps to take before you implement a P-Card program
  • How to develop a P-Card program model that follows best practices
  • Putting controls in place to protect your organization from P-Card misuse

Organizations experience savings with a P-Card program by reducing transaction costs, taking advantage of supplier discounts, and maximizing rebates.