A spend management revolution

That’s what Joliet Junior College got when it signed on with ESM to transform its purchasing and reporting capabilities with a streamlined online marketplace promoting its preferred vendors and negotiated contracts.

In the Beginning…

Processing a simple purchase order took a lot of time - and a lot of paper. Each individual PO required six paper copies that were distributed the old-fashioned way - by interoffice mail, snail mail and even fax. Procurement leaders also were searching for ways to better control and expand its P-card spend, so they could benefit from more rebates and other efficiencies.

With ESM Purchase, JJC gets:

An online shopping portal with only JJC’s approved vendors and negotiated contracts.

An easy-to-use, streamlined user interface.


Customized controls for Amazon purchases to ensure that every order is appropriate.

The ability to expand its P-card use to make purchasing easier for its buyers and to boost its rebates.

Tailor-made reports for better visibility and reporting - and happy leaders.

“The ESM solution has made our processes so much more efficient. Things are happening faster, which is allowing us to do a lot more,” 

Roxanne Venegas
Purchasing Manager
Joliet Junior College



JJC was spending thousands of dollars - and lots of time - processing each PO.
No longer.

Cost to process each PO

  • Before ESM 85% 85%
  • With ESM 20% 20%

Time to process each PO

Before ESM


With ESM

“Now we send all of our POs out electronically, and it’s done automatically by the system once the final approval goes through. That’s one less thing we have on our plate.”

Roxanne Venegas

Purchasing Manager

P-Card, Please

JJC has gone all-in on P-card use for procurement efficiencies and purchasing ease.

P-Card Expenditures


“Our P-card program has grown by leaps and bounds”



As P-card use soars, so do rebates

Rebates in 2018

“It is beneficial to have this source of funding to invest back into the college

Controls in Place

With P-card use on the rise, JJC benefits from automated controls through ESM Purchase to ensure every charge is valid. A good example is IT purchases.

They see a lot of attempted purchases of tablets, computers, software and other IT-managed goods. Those are supposed to go through IT and sourced through preferred vendors like CDW.  

With ESM Purchase, JJC can route purchases through proper approval channels to ensure both adherence to organizational standards, and customer satisfaction.  




” Workflow customization has been helpful to ensure that purchases are made within the college standards.”

~ Roxanne Venegas
Joliet Purchasing Manager

What About Amazon in Procurement?

With the ubiquitous familiarity and perceived convenience of Amazon, those orders have the potential to skyrocket. That’s okay because with ESM Purchase, Joliet Junior College:

Set up its own business account with Amazon

Added Amazon as a punchout catalog.


Reviews every order before it’s released to Amazon.

Determines whether the order will be approved or returned to the buyer to be placed with another approved vendor.

Even with Amazon, JJC maintains full ability to approve purchases or redirect them to preferred vendors.

“We can see what they want to purchase and stop purchases that aren’t necessarily allowable or should be handled in a different way ”

Price Check Capable

With an upgrade to Level 2 for its punchout catalogs, JJC buyers now can compare prices for the same product across all of its vendors. With the search function, JJC has been able to pull up cheaper prices for items from vendors they wouldn’t usually consider.

With ESM Purchase, JJC leaders can easily sign off on orders on the go with their smartphones or tablets and order up customized reports.  They love it.

Approvers are telling us that it’s making things easier for them,” Venegas said. “It’s giving them that peace of mind that they didn’t miss anything while they were approving. They really like it!”

ESM is fully integrated with JJC’s Ellucian Colleague ERP System, ensuring all data is accurately captured in the financial system of record and ensures accuracy on the front end of a purchase.

Benefits include:

verification of account numbers

Confirmation of available funds

Validation of selected vendors

“It is helpful knowing there is a single version of the truth in our ERP, and the data is available to other departments & budget holders that need it. “


“It’s really allowed us to capture our expenditures and see where there might be room to save money or discover vendors that we’re using more often than we realized,”

~ Roxanne Venegas
Joliet Purchasing Manager

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