What’s in Your Cart?

Pros and Cons of Amazon

Are the Amazon boxes piling up in your offices?
If so, you’re not alone.

Not only are those Amazon orders overloading mailrooms with thousands of boxes, your organization also is missing out on deals and rebates through your negotiated contracts. What’s more, during tight budget times, it’s just another invitation to more maverick spend.

It’s not all bad news though. Amazon, of course, is a familiar e-commerce site with millions of products. Amazon Business, for business users, offers business-only prices, corporate purchasing cards and approval workflows. Users can compare prices with other products on Amazon and quickly get what they need.

So, as an overseer of your organization’s spend, you have some decisions to make.

Do you embrace Amazon? Or, do you keep it out?

In this e-book, we explore the pros and cons of Amazon shopping and, if you choose to go Amazon, offer ways to rein it in.

ESM Purchase users can:

Automatically compare prices with different vendors, for instance, a pack of pens on Amazon compared to the same pack from Office Depot


Set purchase approvals, which allows you to control rogue spend.


Restrict where a package is shipped to avoid delivery nightmares.

Shop from catalogs designed just for them or their team to guarantee compliance.

Have visibility to ensure spend is dedicated to specific items, categories and only your suppliers.

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