Beyond Features, Functions, Benefits

Thinking about diving into a new solution to better manage your organization’s spend?

Regardless of what you’re looking for - bids and quotes, eProcurement or contract management - the decision can take time. Our guess is you’re probably pretty tired.

Tired of vendors. Tired of the diatribe of features and benefits thrown at you. Tired of the webinars, the collateral, the RFP responses, the sales pressure and the marketing materials cluttering your desk - especially if you’re considering more than one software solution.

What’s so special about this ebook? It details what really sets ESM apart from other vendors on the market. That’s our people, our service and our results.

No more features and functions. No more screen shots. No more shameless promotion of the software. You’re about to choose a partner in spend management.  A team of people who are going to help you with visibility, control and reporting of your limited budget dollars.


This ebook outlines exactly why you should partner with ESM.

In our clients own words:

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Not Your Typical Software Company

The biggest surprise after switching is being able to get on the phone and talk to a person when you have a question or need information — as opposed to putting in a ticket and waiting hours for someone to get back to you.

Cory Harms

Director of Procurement Services, Iowa State University

Exemplary Service

The personal touch and customer service we have received from ESM has been exemplary.

Andy Williams

Executive Director of Procurement, Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana

Strong Support

With amazing support from ESM, this project has helped us to show real savings along with improved efficiencies. We were able to move quickly and this resulted in better benefits than we had even expected.

Kathleen Prunty

Director of Procurement and Support Services, California State University system