Why are so many
organizations flocking
to ESM?

For the affordable, flexible solutions that’s saving them money in months

More control.

More visibility into spending.

More ways to mitigate risk throughout the procure-to-pay cycle.

When customers sign on with ESM, that’s what they get. And they get it fast.

When we partner with new customers, we ensure a quick implementation within months, a rapid rollout and fast adoption. That’s one reason why we’re seeing so many new customers. They are coming on board because they’re hearing about the great experiences of our existing clients.

In higher education, we know that people are strapped for time, money and resources. But, with a little effort and our spend management solutions, they can start saving thousands of dollars - and countless hours - within just a few months. We’re with our customers every step of the way.

Our suite of eProcurement, bidding, contract management and invoicing solutions is designed specifically for the education, regional government and nonprofit sectors.

With our solutions, which provide better visibility and more control, you can stretch every single dollar that you spend on behalf of taxpayers, grantors and students.  

Let’s take a look at what our customers are getting when they take the leap - and become part of the ESM family. We can’t wait to start counting the savings with you too!

Affordable solutions

Our solutions help save time and money, but here’s what seals the deal for many of ESM’s customers: Favorable pricing for a package that includes plenty of functionality and solutions that can be configured for an organization’s unique workflows.

ESM strives to keep prices affordable for the markets it serves - higher education, K-12 school systems, government organizations and nonprofits.


Months to savings

We know our customers trust ESM when they choose us. We work hard to ensure quick deployments so the returns can start rolling in.

Consider these fast Go Live experiences …

Carter Center: Live in five months
SUNY Cortland: Live in three months
Gonzaga University: Live in two months

Indeed, ESM often gets high marks for customers for swift implementation.

“Our ‘Go Live’ was flawless and it was all due to the project planning, weekly meetings, training sessions, gentle reminders and your management oversight of the entire project,” wrote Christopher Rust, then the director of purchasing at Mount Holyoke College, in a letter to ESM after its upgrade to ESM Purchase.

“We know our customers’ budgets are strained and that they can really benefit from the savings that comes when you automate procurement…we keep that in mind as we set our price points.”

Anthony Rotoli, CEO, ESM

But it’s not just about rapid deployment. At Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana, for instance


reduction in office spend

At Cal State, the marketplace was rolled out to 10 campuses in just four months, 12 catalogs went live in 90 days and 1,300 active users were signed on in just seven months. The system enjoyed a positive ROI in less than five months.

When we sign on new customers, we ensure a quick implementation, rapid rollout and fast adoption,” Rotoli said. “That’s one reason why we’re seeing so many new customers. They are coming on board because they’re hearing about the great experiences of our existing ones.”

“We don’t have the staff to get it working.”

“It’s too hard to learn.”

“Nobody will ever use it.”

“We can’t afford it.”

“We’re simply too small to make anything like this work.”

Benefits for small organizations

When we talk to small higher education institutions, K-12 school districts and other organizations, we hear those objections. All. Of. The. Time.

Here’s the thing: Our customer ranks include dozens of small organizations, including Norfolk Public Schools, Gonzaga University, East Central College, Delaware Valley University, University of Richmond and more.

They currently are saving thousands of dollars thanks to automated sourcing, procurement and contract management. So can you.

“We’re not a little fish in a big sea. Being a small school, sometimes with the larger companies, we’re not as important. They said, ‘We’re going to take care of you and make this happen.’ And their support line has been great. … They are just a really good company to work with and I would definitely recommend them to anybody.”

Wendy Burchard

Strategic Sourcing Manager, University of Richmond

Benefits for big organizations, too

With more than 460,000 students, California State University system is the fourth largest public university system in the United States. It’s an ESM customer.

Every single one of its 23 campuses shop from ESM’s online marketplace, ensuring those dollars are spent only with approved vendors and negotiated contracts.

So is Ivy Tech Community College with 200,000 students in Indiana. The University of Tennessee system. Michigan State University, the ninth largest university in the United States. The University of Maryland at College Park. And the Higher Colleges of Technology, which has 17 campuses across the United Arab Emirates.

“I asked for 60 days and I didn’t know that was a small window. They met that deadline, we are live.”

Kathleen Prunty
California State Polytechnic Institute.

Automation made possible for all

ESM offers four solutions - ESM Purchase, ESM Sourcing, ESM Contract Management and ESM Invoicing, all cloud-based solutions that require no additional computer hardware or IT headaches.

ESM Purchase

The eProcurement solution lets organizations get better control and full visibility into spend with a consumer shopping experience that will look familiar to anybody who has purchased items online.

The intuitive solution lets organizations:

  • guide spend where they want it by directing users to preferred vendors and contracts to ensure the best price and meet other mandates, such as sustainable purchasing or the utilization of MWBE vendors or local businesses;
  • track all spend through the system to improve negotiating power and discover new ways to drive savings; and
  • easily manage the procurement process. At Ivy Tech, it takes only one administrator to support 2,300 active users.

ESM Sourcing

With the eSourcing solution, organizations can automate all of their bid, quote and solicitation activities. The flexible solution supports all kinds of sourcing events, including RFIs, RFPs, IFBs, and more.

Other highlights include:

  • a collaborative marketplace that connects buyers and suppliers for efficient communication;
  • online bidding with an organization’s chosen suppliers;
  • a completely electronic solution, allowing vendors to submit their entire response online through the vendor portal so organizations can monitor progress; and
  • the ability to weight each section of an RFx based on an organization’s strategic sourcing requirements.

ESM Contract Management

With automated contract management, users can get rid of stuffed filing cabinets and overflowing manilla folders and track down all contracts by simply searching and finding them through the online application.

The tool fits in seamlessly with existing workflows, allowing for quick implementation and a flexible foundation to evolve with contract management best practices.

The solution includes:

  • A contract repository, allowing organizations to keep their documents in one place online so they can be securely searched and accessed.
  • The ability to build both parallel and sequential workflows, depending on an organization’s needs.
  • Access to a user portal that makes the solution available across an organization.
  • Full visibility into the contract lifecycle - from content creation and collaborative authoring to automated approval processes and eSignature support.

ESM Invoicing

The solution streamlines your invoice and payment process. Capabilities include:

  • Automated matching and easy-exception management
  • Data visibility to monitor and store submitted invoices
  • A shortened invoice cycle, which also cuts costs associated with the payment cycle

ERP Integration is Possible, or Optional.  It’s the customer’s choice.

If you have an ERP, you’ll still need a dedicated solution for eProcurement. ERP systems are designed for finance officers and accountants. eProcurement solutions, however, are built for purchasing teams and give employees across an organization the power to lower spending and save. (Need more information? Read our e-book on the subject - ERP is Not Enough for eProcurement).

But ERPs and eProcurement solutions can work together. With over 17 years of experience, ESM has integrated with ERP solutions from many vendors, including:

  • Peoplesoft
  • Oracle
  • Sungard
  • Kuali Financial System
  • Colleague by Ellucian
  • Banner by Ellucian
  • …and many more, along with custom or home-grown systems.

ESM works closely with organizations to ensure that integration with an ERP is complete.

The University of Alabama, for instance, implemented ESM Purchase with Banner integration. Now, purchase order information can be passed between Banner and ESM. Both contract and off-contract purchases can be placed through the more intuitive ESM system.

“We can do all of it with one login and password…it’s more customer friendly.”

Kevin Stevens
Director of Procurement Services
University of Alabama

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