Benefits of becoming an ESM Supplier

As an ESM supplier, you have the opportunity to expand your customer base and sales volume with access to our expanding base of buyers from higher education institutions, K-12 school districts and government organizations. We have separate suppliers for both our sourcing and purchasing applications and you can read more on the differences and benefits for each type of supplier below.

Sourcing Supplier

ESM’s Sourcing application provides suppliers with the ability to view any RFX; quotes, projects, RFPs, line item or discount bids.

Benefits of being an ESM Sourcing supplier:

  • Easy self-registration process – get started below
  • Login to your unique Supplier profile
  • View and respond to sourcing opportunities
  • Track bids and awards in one place
  • Maintain company information in one central location
  • Utilize the ESM Customer Support team for support and troubleshooting via email: or phone: 1-877-969-7246
Not sure which version to register for?

eSchoolMall       Mercury

Purchase Suppliers

ESM’s eProcurement application provides suppliers the ability to have their eCommerce catalog connected to their buyers.

Benefits of being an ESM easyPurchase supplier:

  • Utilize ESM Supplier Relations team to build-test-connect catalogs, on-going support, and troubleshooting
  • Reduce the time and effort needed to activate catalogs
  • Deploy the best catalog solution after consulting with experienced ESM Supplier Relations staff
  • Assistance maintaining catalogs and customer relationships
  • Best practice approach to catalog enablement

Need more information on becoming an ESM Premium Supplier?

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