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University of Alabama at Birmingham to deploy ESM’s spend management suite

State’s flagship university to join institution’s health system, Tuscaloosa campus

The University of Alabama at Birmingham, an internationally renowned research university, will deploy ESM’s spend management suite to fully automate its procurement, contract management and sourcing activities.

With a robust slate of degree programs for both graduate and undergraduate students, the Birmingham campus, the state’s largest employer, boasted a record enrollment of 20,900 students in fall 2017, including 2,299 students in the freshmen class, its largest ever.

Recommendations lead UAB to ESM

The campus joins both the UAB Health System, one of the largest academic medical centers in the United States, and its Tuscaloosa campus, which both already rely on ESM’s spend management tools.

“It’s always a good day when new customers sign on with ESM because of recommendations from our other users who understand all of the benefits of our solutions and know how easy they are to deploy,” ESM CEO Anthony Rotoli said.  

Spend management transformed

UAB will deploy ESM’s eProcurement, sourcing  and contract management solutions.

The eProcurement platform features an online ecommerce portal  with an intuitive user interface where shoppers select items from only their organization’s approved vendors and negotiated contracts.

The sourcing solution allows users to automate their bid, solicitation and quote activities in a collaborative online environment where buyers can communicate with vendors and store contract templates and all relevant documents in one place.

With the configurable contract management tool, UAB users will be able to track down the status of all contracts by simply searching and finding them through the online application. Contracts are online and organized, and the platform provides notifications and click-to-approve functionality that eliminates bottlenecks, avoids unintended renewals and even forecasts workloads.

System-Wide Access

Additionally, all institutions in the University of Alabama system can procure ESM’s solutions as part of this contract. Thereby allowing all of the campuses to standardize their procurement and contract processes system-wide alongside UAB, UAB Health System and The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa

“With our full suite, organizations truly are transforming their spend management practices - streamlining their workflows and discovering new ways to save and negotiate even better contracts,” Rotoli said. “We look forward to supporting UAB as it moves forward in its work.”

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