ESM to help institution manage workflow


As Director of Procurement Services at The University of Alabama, Kevin Stevens and his staff manage hundreds of contracts each year for everything from pencils and paper towels to high-tech laboratory equipment.

Stevens’ team has annual and even multi-year contracts to supervise, but until they signed on with ESM’s contract management solution, they were trapped in a mostly reactive cycle. With limited visibility and manual tracking, they often found themselves with no more than  a couple of weeks before a contract’s expiration date to start new negotiations, sometimes forcing an extension.


Streamline & Simplify

With ESM’s cloud-based contract management application, Alabama automated the contract management lifecycle. The solution helps organizations manage business processes while improving compliance and managing risk. Reusable templates, reminder notifications and search capabilities have simplified the work for Stevens and his team at the research institution.


Proactive Contract Management

Managers and buyers now get email alerts well before a contract is set to expire. They meet with vendors and departments to determine if the contract is still needed and to discuss the contract’s high points and low points and how to make it better.

“We now have the lead time to be proactive in bidding and renegotiation,” Stevens said. “It is a great management tool.”


Contract Workflow

Now Alabama is taking it a step further. Initially providing a contract repository, the ESM Contract Management solution is capable of much more. The University will begin to use ESM’s workflow capabilities in the near future.

With ESM’s application, the Procurement team is working to implement online contract submission. End users will be able to submit contracts online through a portal. From there, the contracts can be routed to the appropriate people. The University will also take advantage of ESM’s integration with DocuSign, allowing for electronic signatures from University staff and vendors.

“We’re still using it for the repository, but we’re also going to use it for how it was designed - tracking contracts and signatures, routing contracts and managing version control,” Stevens said.

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