NAEP and ESM Welcome
Ahrea Summers from Portland State University

What: Live Webinar

When: 2 p.m., EST, May 16

Where: GoToWebinar

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For buyers, Amazon and other e-commerce sites offer a world of possibilities as they shop for beakers, brooms, and batteries. Just about anything they want is a simple click away.

For finance, purchasing and procurement professionals, however, the sites open up new challenges and new opportunities. Should buyers be able to shop off Amazon and ignore negotiated contracts? Or should they be steered toward strategic vendors?

Live Webinar - May 16, 2pm ET

At Portland State University, officials have chosen to embrace Amazon. On May 16, during a live webinar, we will sit down with Ahrea Summers, procurement coordinator at Portland State University, to discuss the higher education institution’s philosophy to support the likes of Amazon as a way to get better visibility and actually drive more spend through their eProcurement shopping portal.

It is a follow-up to last month’s webinar with Cory Harms, director of procurement services at Iowa State University, when we heard the other side of the story. Harms has prioritized working with strategic vendors instead of expanding access to various e-commerce sites. He was joined by Chris Webb, senior manager of higher education business development at CDW-G, and Anthony Rotoli, CEO of ESM, for an informative discussion about this important subject.

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Should you embrace Amazon … or keep it out? You’ll have to decide what’s right for your organization. The webinars and e-book are designed to ensure that whatever decision you make is an informed one.

Register today for the May 16 webinar to learn more about Portland State’s philosophy and strategy; read our recent e-book, “What’s in Your Cart: The Pros and Cons of Amazon;” and listen to last month’s recorded webinar with Harms, Webb and Rotoli.

This month’s webinar is brought to you in cooperation with the National Association of Educational Procurement.