Intelligent procurement
puts relationships first

Transforming how
education does business

Advancing your institution’s goals takes more than smart spending. Because in education, procurement isn’t just about transactions—it’s about connecting people with the resources they need to power learning.

It isn’t about adding another supplier to your network—it’s about cultivating the ones who can deliver real value to your education community—today and over the long term.

And it’s not just about automating source to-pay—it’s about adding the insight you need at every point in the process to drive innovation and support institutional goals.

At ESM, we believe intelligent procurement that puts relationships first can create lasting value for you, your suppliers, and your education community.

Smart solutions

Connect processes across your procurement ecosystem for more efficient spend management

  • A single marketplace for more intuitive purchasing.
  • A sourcing app to help teams launch, publish, and evaluate events.
  • A supplier portal for more efficient and effective supplier engagement.
  • A central contract repository for better visibility and control.

Empower procurement to make smarter, faster decisions—from sourcing to receipt

  • Establish evaluation and approval workflows to help teams make better decisions faster.
  • Influence buyer behavior with intelligent tools to support better spend-performance.
  • Fulfill orders and track inventory easily with integrated storeroom capabilities.

Work across the institution to contain costs, manage spend, and analyze performance

  • Build a more diverse and sustainable supply chain.
  • Improve compliance and reduce risk.
  • Discover new opportunities for innovation and collaboration.
  • Create touchless processes.

Intelligent together

At ESM, we’re delivering dynamic new technologies, powered by community insight, to help you build, manage, and evolve the procurement ecosystem that’s right for your organization.

Your platform for procurement transformation

Scalable cloud solutions that connect communities

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Create, manage, and monitor contracts

Improve compliance with better visibility across the contract lifecycle

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A single marketplace for every stakeholder

Gain control of your institution’s spend

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Source with agility and insight

Build a sustainable and diverse sourcing strategy

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Optimize supplier performance

Manage supplier relationships to drive value

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Committed leadership

Joshua Faith


Joshua started his career working with emerging technologies—including a high-growth start-up internet media company that was eventually purchased by Comcast. He is passionate about how technology can create new markets, improve lives, and bring about positive change—particularly in education at this critical moment. Joshua is committed to ESM’s philosophy of being “intelligent together.” He guides the company’s overall strategic direction, bringing people together to solve problems and deliver new capabilities to our customers.

“I’ve learned to appreciate the power of people. When people are passionate about what they do, they can achieve anything.”

Amanda Turner

VP, Professional Services

Amanda and her team are responsible for implementing ESM’s solutions. Her philosophy is simple: be smart and efficient, keeping implementations easy for our clients and delivering the value of our long experience in eProcurement. In her 15-year career in technology, Amanda has handled just about every aspect of software implementation. That means she knows how to keep her team engaged and on target.

“My greatest enjoyment is helping my team find new ways to make our clients’ day-to-day experience a little bit easier.”

Steve Cammegh


Steve has spent his career helping organizations improve their operations and finance strategies. At ESM, Steve focuses on building a transparent financial infrastructure that can deliver better business results through improved business analysis, budgeting, and forecasting. His experience in global higher education helps Steve identify challenges and drive change.

“I get great satisfaction from driving business transformation. When we understand what drives performance, we can pass those efficiency gains on to our customers and be more effective together.”

Beth Heidenreich

Manager, Customer Success & Support

Beth has over 10 years of comprehensive experience in education, both in teaching and in education SaaS technology where she developed meaningful and empowered relationships that cultivated trust, drove engagement, and increased productivity. At ESM, Beth is responsible for our Customer Success and Support Teams where she brings a philosophy focused on partnership with our customers, aligning everything we do to help them achieve their goals, to make their work more efficient, and to help them succeed.

“I thrive in helping our customers to find solutions and in enabling them to use ESM technology to work smarter, not harder. Our teams aim to exceed expectations and bring value to the educators that our clients are serving.”

Harry Athey

VP of Engineering

Harry brings a wealth of experience building agile and hybrid teams globally. He has more than 30 years of experience in software development leadership and information technology, and takes a customer-focused approach to developing software solutions. At ESM, Harry is responsible for our new and existing solutions, including cloud operations, software development, software deployment, and engineering support.

“Software has the power to change everything. And great teams have the power to create great software.”

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