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At ESM, we deliver great spend management software that helps education and nonprofit communities find the resources they need to make a difference. If you are interested in joining a diverse and ambitious team dedicated to transforming how procurement does business, contact us today.

Why ESM?

Work is changing. Today, where we work and how we work can mean different things to different people. At ESM, we are creating a workplace where all of our employees can thrive. We live our values every day and ask every employee to do the same. We offer flexible work arrangements so that our employees never have to choose between their jobs and their families. We also know that work is a journey and strive to create career pathways for every employee. And we offer a robust benefits package that will give you and your family real peace of mind.

Real Values. Real Benefits.

A flexible work schedule

Work where and how you need to.

Make yourself heard

Every voice matters. We want to hear what you have to say.

Find your path

Learning never ends. We’ll help discover what’s next.

Great benefits

Medical, dental, life, and disability insurance. A 401K matching program. Competitive salaries.

Diversity rocks

Inclusive and diverse teams with different backgrounds and experiences—a lot like life!

Make a difference

Your work matters. You’ll be helping higher education, K-12, and the nonprofit sector.

Team talk

“At ESM, we focus on helping our customers find solutions that meet their needs, support their goals, and bring value to their community. Every procurement system has two, equally-important stakeholders: customers and suppliers. Both offer us valuable insights and input into the next evolution of our solutions, allowing ESM to continue growing with our stakeholders in an ever-changing environment.”

Adrienne Cianfarini,
Director of Strategic Alliances,

Kerrie has over 20 years of client service experience in marketing and technology, including work within the SaaS space. She loves helping customers get the most out of their investments and is passionate about helping them to reach their business goals. Kerrie’s commitment to partnering with ESM’s customers to help them continuously evolve their e-procurement tools will enable them to work more efficiently and realize greater success.

I’m a self-professed nerd and love helping customers get the most out of technology. “Let’s work smarter, not harder. Because it’s not always what you can do with technology, but what technology can do for you in the big picture scenario.”

Kerrie Kindrat,
Customer Success Manager

As the Supplier Relationship Manager, I am the bridge between our customers and suppliers, supporting growth for all. I help our customers increase efficiency amongst catalog requests and implementations, and recommend and qualify reputable, reliable suppliers to ensure our clients are receiving the right products and services. My ultimate goal is to change the way our customers interact with e-procurement platforms. And because I understand the needs of educational institutions and how they impact the suppliers, I’m able to develop a systematic approach to address these requirements.

“If you believe business is built on relationships, make building relationships your business.”

Natasha Brandenburg,
Supplier Relationship Manager


Our team makes a big impact. How? Because we live our values every day.


Make a difference today

Every contribution you make matters.


Be your whole self

You are welcome here


Share your insights

Ideas that are shared tend to get better


Pay attention

Be engaged in what you’re doing, listen to the ideas and concerns of your colleagues, take the time to understand our customers and their point of view. Be involved in the world around you.


Take care of the planet

We encourage and embrace sustainable practices


Do the right thing

It’s easy to talk about integrity; it’s harder to live it. But doing the right thing is who we are


Think big

What can you do to help our customers thrive, to make a difference for students and educators, to change the world?

Don’t just find a job. Find your passion.

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