Personalized pathways that connect everyone to the resource they need to advance education

Personalized pathways that connect everyone to the resource they need to advance education

In education, purchasing is more than just a series of transactions and approvals. Cost is a consideration. But so are supplier and purchasing decisions that align with institutional values, promote brand safety, and provide the transparency needed for policy compliance.

That’s why institutions must shift their focus: from transaction-based purchasing to trusted, personalized experiences that make it easy for everyone to browse, shop, and buy.

ESM Platform transforms how educational institutions manage their non-payroll spend and purchases. With real-time, actionable insights and pre-built experiences, institutions can curate trusted suppliers, knowing they are both brand safe and brand secure. And, through integration with multiple ERPs, institutions can surface holistic views of budgets and spend that promote institutional integrity and safeguard against risk.

Empower Users with Better Experiences

There’s a growing expectation for institutional buying experiences to mirror the intuitive, seamless, consumer-oriented ones that define our everyday lives. Buyers increasingly seek interfaces that are not only functional but also user-friendly, with simple, user-friendly buying pathways.

ESM Platform’s pre-built experiences are flexible, making it easy for institutions to tailor the path to purchase. Inherently mobile, ESM Platform is built for the way people work. Our QuickBuy capability learns buying behavior, enabling everyone to purchase and repurchase common items without the need to search. Using customizable cards and views, institutions can provide users the choice to add, remove, and highlight what matters most, such as classroom materials or scientific supplies, streamlining the purchasing experience by making it easy for everyone to browse, shop, and buy.

Gain Holistic Insights into Budgets and Spend

Exchanging data across solutions reliably and efficiently can be a significant challenge for education institutions. Without a simple way to reconcile data stored in their finance system with purchasing data, an institution’s ability to understand, manage, and trust information about budgets and spend can be compromised.

ESM Platform’s integration with multiple ERP solutions gives institutions greater control and better insights into their budgets and spend. Because purchasing data is synchronized with the finance system of record, institutions can surface consistent, reliable, and meaningful information from multiple sources in real-time, giving buyers visibility into their budgets so they can commit spending with confidence. And with scalable governance built-in, institutions can easily monitor and maintain identity and access management across all of the ESM apps.

Power today’s solutions and enable tomorrow’s innovation

Replacing outdated systems and retooling manual, paper-based processes drives efficiency and transforms purchasing operations. But as institutions adopt new solutions, their technology environments grow increasingly complex, introducing concerns about sustainability and scalability into the future.

ESM Platform delivers the advanced technology, tools, and services that institutions need to transform and personalize procurement. With Microsoft Azure cloud services, AI, and automation underpinning ESM’s apps, institutions can rest assured that their investment in best-in-class, cloud-first capabilities will not only serve them today, but will scale with them for years to come.

Ethos-certified. Ethos-secured.

Using the Ellucian Ethos platform, ESM offers pre-built, certified integration with Ellucian Banner® and Ellucian Colleague® to power consistent and reliable data exchange. This out-of-the-box integration not only speeds up the implementation of ESM, but also simplifies ongoing maintenance. Decision-makers gain immediate access to insight through real-time, synchronized data integration. And finance leaders can improve control and visibility of budget and spend activity to consolidate purchases, reduce costs, and minimize errors.

Retain the knowledge and support needed to sustain the value of the services your finance and procurement teams provide to faculty, staff, and students.

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