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Your Platform for Procurement Transformation

Bids and Quotes

Your online portal to savings!

Within our flexible software, you can configure bids, RFPs, RFQs, Tenders,  or any manner of sourcing event.  Choose templates from the line library or start from scratch.  You determine the sections to include, their relative importance, and make awards based on the criteria you specify.  As a digital online solution, it reduces the use of paper, eliminates shipping, facilitates communication with vendors, and still provides sealed bid capabilities.

Contract Management

ESM’s Contract Management solution is a flexible solution that is well suited for organizations of all sizes and levels of contract management sophistication.  It molds to your existing workflows for quick implementation, and provides the foundation on which to evolve your contract management best practices.

With automated contract management, users can get rid of stuffed filing cabinets and overflowing manilla folders and track down all contracts by simply searching and finding them through the online application.

Supplier Management

In today’s connected world, your institutional stakeholders and suppliers all expect information to be available online, all of the time.  As networks become more connected and the pace of work increases, the risks associated with data errors and fraudulent activity also increase.

ESM’s Supplier Management solution provides a central location to streamline all aspects of working with your suppliers.  With it, your organization can automate manual workflows, enable your suppliers for self-service and reduce your exposure to fraud and theft - all at the same time.

Procurement Automation

Gain control and increase visibility into your organization’s spend.

ESM’s Procurement Automation solution is an intuitive online shopping solution that automates your procurement activities from beginning to end with the consumer shopping experience your users expect.

We’re bringing a real consumer shopping experience to Procurement.  If your customers — the employees, staffers or faculty of your organization have shopped on any one of the hundreds of ecommerce sites on the internet, they will feel right at home in ESM Purchase.


Big Data.  Artificial Intelligence.  Spend Analytics.

These are just some of the latest tech buzzwords that vendors and consultants are throwing around. The hype around new technology comes and goes like a  passing fad, but the technologies in question don’t magically create extra hours in the work week. Nor do they come with the extra headcount you’d need to use them. …so they tend not to get used.

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