Achieve better visibility across the contract lifecycle

Manage contracts with more intelligence.

ESM Contract

ESM Contract helps you master the contract lifecycle by providing a central repository where contracts can be stored and managed more efficiently and securely. With better processes supported by automated workflows, controls, and notifications, you can track spend more effectively, improve compliance, and leverage negotiated contracts to deliver more value to your education community.


Rely on a central contract repository with approval, alert, and notification workflows to master the contract lifecycle.


Gain deeper visibility into contractual agreements to manage spend more intelligently.


Improve collaboration across the institution by giving stakeholders secure access to negotiated contracts.


Minimize risk by eliminating paper contracts and applying appropriate controls across the contract lifecycle.

Understand and manage spend with more insight

ESM Contract improves visibility into contractual agreements across your institution. Establish alerts and notifications to monitor the remaining value of a contract, review contract renewals, and understand when contracts are about to expire.

Leverage negotiated contracts more effectively

With a centralized contract repository, you can understand what agreements have been put into place and leverage the benefits of those contracts more effectively on behalf of your education community.

Improve collaboration to increase productivity

The robust search function in ESM Contract allows end users to search for and view approved contracts to understand authorizations, preferred terms and pricing, and service obligations.

Review, approve, and manage contractual agreements

ESM Contract delivers the digital capabilities you need to eliminate paper contracts, Excel spreadsheets, and shadow databases to improve performance, increase compliance, and reduce institutional risk.

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