Help your institution source with agility and insight

Smarter sourcing for better outcomes

ESM Source

A single cloud-based solution to help stakeholders across your institution make smarter sourcing decisions. Launch and manage sourcing events, improve supplier participation and engagement, and help everyone work more collaboratively to support your mission and vision.


Launch sourcing events easily using flexible tools and templates.


Make smarter, more compliant sourcing decisions.


Work with evaluators and suppliers to deliver great sourcing outcomes.


Build a diverse and inclusive network of suppliers.

Deliver an efficient and collaborative sourcing experience

With ESM Source you can more efficiently launch, publish, and evaluate even the most complex events from a single platform with workflows to help your teams make better decisions faster.

Structure bids for greater impact

Create virtual libraries and templated content that can be easily copied, edited, and reused to accommodate multiple event types. Align bids with your sourcing strategy by assigning weights to the criteria that matter. Publish your event to multiple lists or invite preferred vendors directly.

Accelerate supplier engagement

Collaborate more effectively with suppliers who can manage responses directly from your event, view the status of their response, and receive alerts and notifications—all through a convenient supplier portal.

Reduce costs, drive value, and mitigate institutional risk

With new efficiencies and better collaboration across campuses and systems, you can work more effectively to manage costs and discover new opportunities for innovation and collaboration. And with better tools to manage supplier diversity, you will be more able to reach and exceed regulatory and institutional goals.

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