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Strategic, sustainable sourcing

ESM’s Bidding and Solicitation solutions are your online portal to savings.

Bids, RFPs and Vendor Selection

ESM’s Bidding and Solicitation solutions are your online portal to savings. Within our flexible software, you can configure bids, RFPs, RFQs, Tenders,  or any manner of sourcing event.  Choose templates from the line library or start from scratch.  You determine the sections to include, their relative importance, and make awards based on the criteria you specify.  As a digital online solution, it reduces the use of paper, eliminates shipping, facilitates communication with vendors, and still provides sealed bid capabilities.  

Tailored Solutions



Automate your Bid, Quote and other Solicitation Activities


Create a new RFx event from scratch or copy an existing template. Add sections as you need them for each event: questions, checkboxes, pricing matrices, attachments, and information sections.


Weight each section of the RFx based on your strategic sourcing requirements. Minority owned businesses? Sustainable procurement? Local vendors? You can give extra weight to these sections in your RFx, and score each vendor accordingly.


Publish the RFx to a list or multiple lists of prospective suppliers. Invite your preferred vendors directly, invite others based on geographic location, NIGP code or even a manual list.


Vendors get notified of the RFx, and submit their entire response electronically through the vendor portal, where you can monitor their progress from sent, opened, in-process and responded.  Similarly, vendors can see the status of their submissions — has it been opened, is it being evaluated, etc.


The buyer can post amendments, or engage in Q&A with vendors through the online portal. All responses are kept with the respective vendor’s response to maintain a comprehensive view of each vendor.

Score & Evaluate

Assign a score to each section of each RFx response from each vendor. Evaluate each vendor holistically, and compare multiple vendors by section.


Evaluate vendors on each section, and compare multiple vendors at the same time.  Make the award online and each vendor is notified accordingly.

Our “Go Live” was flawless and it was all due to the project planning, weekly meetings, training sessions, gentle reminders and your management oversight of the entire project.
Christopher Rust

Director of Purchasing, Mount Holyoke College

Strategic Sourcing

Within worlds of education and nonprofit institutions, price is not always the ultimate criteria for making a decision. Various governing bodies and grant providers may specify any number of strategic sourcing initiatives. Sustainability, Diversity and support of local business are common examples.  We’ve got you covered!


Go Green! ESM Sourcing lets you screen prospective vendors based on their commitment and practices to sustainable business practices…not to mention the reams of paper you can eliminate from your own sourcing process.


MBE, WBE and SBE, align your vendor selection with the strategic intent of administration to support more minority, women, small business and even local vendors.

Bids, Quotes and Solicitation Made Easy

ESM’s Bidding & Solicitation solution is cloud-based. There are no IT headaches, and with a monthly subscription model, it is easy on your budget too.  Get more bids from more suppliers in less time for greater savings. ESM Sourcing provides a collaborative marketplace for buyers and suppliers, with the flexibility to support many kinds of sourcing events, such as bids, quotes, RFIs, RFPs, IFBs, etc.

ESM’s Bidding & Solicitation solution enables faster online bidding with your chosen suppliers. Strategic sourcing of the goods and services you need, while automating the bid and quote processes saves time and money across departmental budgets. ESM Sourcing software gives you increased savings, reduced manual tasks, and guides you towards choosing the best suppliers for your organization.

Collaborative Marketplace – Supports access to a collaborative marketplace between buyers and suppliers

Eliminate Manual Processes – Enables effective supplier relations and negotiations within the solution along with enhanced Contract Management

Intuitive Bidding – Increases efficiency and accuracy of your strategic sourcing process with intuitive bidding and quoting capabilities.

Improve Supplier Relations – Manages your suppliers, bids, quotes, RFXs and catalogs with ESM Purchase and the ESM Supplier Network

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Mount Holyoke college

Mount Holyoke College manages spend, controls costs and improves compliance

"Our “Go Live” was flawless and it was all due to the project planning, weekly meetings, training sessions, gentle reminders and your management oversight of the entire project."


Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech gets better user interface, better functionality, more flexible workflows, and more stable pricing

"ESM Solutions helped make the transition nearly seamless, and their support has not wavered after several years."


University of Richmond


"They are just a really good company to work with and I would definitely recommend them to anybody."


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