ESM Solutions is thrilled to team up with Visage Mobile to provide mobility management solutions for its customers. Mobility is a crucial aspect of any business and its importance is only growing. ESM Solutions will be joining the Visage Partner Network to gain the ability to aggregate and analyze disparate wireless spend and usage data- a challenge Visage readily handles.

“At Visage, our goal is to simplify and make manageable the growing complexity and expense of enterprise mobility programs. ESM Solutions’ proven excellence in providing spend management solutions dovetails perfectly with Visage’s suite of wireless expense management solutions,” said Steve Prince, Vice President of Operations at Visage Mobile.

Visage uses the power of data to solve the pressing and strategic challenges that companies face in managing corporate mobility. Visage’s software solutions deliver unprecedented data and reporting capabilities that give companies increased productivity, competitiveness, and both immediate and long-term wireless expense savings. By integrating enterprise data from third parties, such as MDM and T&E, Visage offers the most robust mobility management solution out there.

“ESM Solutions’ growing customer base continues to ask for additional solutions to address new areas of spend that are significantly impacting their organizations,” said Dan Corazzi, CEO of ESM Solutions, “ESM Solutions is extremely excited to partner with Visage, the leading provider of mobility management solutions, to impact this growing area of mobile spend.”