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With ESM Purchase, JCC tracks spend, reduces costs, and delivers better service across its education community

Not that long ago, Joliet Junior College was spending thousands of dollars a year simply to process purchase orders.

Back then, the purchasing department required six paper copies of each PO, which had to be distributed across six different campuses. Roxanne Venegas, JJC’s purchasing manager, estimates the college was spending at least $85 to process each order.

JJC partnered with ESM to transform how purchasing happened. Together, they streamlined processes, added an online marketplace to make shopping with preferred vendors easier, and instituted better ways to control and expand the college’s P-card spend.

Today, with ESM Purchase, a cloud-based procurement solution from ESM, JCC can direct buyers across the college to negotiate contracts with preferred vendors. Purchase orders that once took seven days to process are completed in minutes, reducing costs by 75 percent.

Since the rollout of ESM Purchase in 2016, the college has continued to realize benefits. The cloud-based solution makes it easy for Roxanne to track spend, flag any potential problems, and uncover new opportunities to save. “The ESM solution has made our processes so much more efficient,” Roxanne reports. “Things are happening faster, and more accurately—and that allows us to do a lot more.”

For JCC, the move to ESM has been worth it. “I would encourage anyone looking for a new procurement system to take a look at ESM,” Roxanne said. JJC is delivering better service, directing spend where it needs to go, and getting a more holistic view of procurement activities.


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“Things are happening faster, and more accurately—and that allows us to do a lot more.”

Roxanne Venegas, Purchasing Manager, Joliet Junior College

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