Personalizing the Path to Buy

Personalizing the Path to Buy

Procurement with Purpose

Connecting people to the resources they need to advance education


Eliminate the hassle by making it easy to browse, shop, and buy


Choose suppliers that are brand safe and brand secure


Safeguard institutional integrity with certified integrations and holistic financial views


Inspire your community to do their part to boost sustainable procurement

A single marketplace for every stakeholder

Gain control of your institution’s spend

Source with agility and insight

Build a sustainable and diverse sourcing strategy

Optimize supplier performance

Manage supplier relationships to drive value

Procurement transformation

Scalable cloud solutions that connect communities

Create, manage, and monitor contracts

Improve compliance with better visibility

Purchase with Confidence

Let everyone choose the resources they need, knowing you’ve cultivated trusted suppliers that provide them with the goods and services that support educational excellence.

Browse, Shop, Buy

In education we learn from the experience of others. Find out what institutions just like you are doing with ESM.

“[With ESM Purchase], your workflows are more efficient. You can focus more on the larger, strategic goals.” 
McDaniel College
“Using ESM Purchase, DelVal was able to cut processing time for orders by at least 90 percent.”
William Lyle
Purchasing Direct
Delaware Valley University
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