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ESM Year in Review: 2022 Customer Highlights

As we head into 2023, ESM looks forward to helping more new customers modernize procurement by eliminating paper-based, manual processes."

ESM believes that intelligent procurement puts relationships first.

That’s why our most important relationships are with our customers. Every day, we work to help our customers succeed by delivering smart solutions that transform how they do business. Because when they succeed, we do, too. Here are a few customer highlights from the past year.

New Customers

Over the past year, ESM has welcomed a number of new customers. Higher education institutions such as Baldwin Wallace University, Kean University, University of Lynchburg, South Orange Community College District, and Texas Southmost College selected ESM to help them modernize procurement.

On the K-12 side, schools such as Wyoming County Board of Education selected ESM to support their transformation from manual to modern by:

  • Eliminating paper-based procurement forms
  • Connecting manual, disconnected processes
  • Reducing bottlenecks caused by limited access
  • Keeping pricing accurate and up-to-date

Read more about how ESM Purchase will help Wyoming County Schools improve access and accuracy across the procurement process.

Customers Helping Customers

During Ellucian Live, two customers, Pima Community College and Central Community College, shared how ESM helped them to automate and modernize their procurement processes. They also shared best practices and lessons learned to help guide other ESM customers on their implementation journeys.

Steven Chambers, principal analyst, technology at Pima Community College, shared seven lessons learned during the evaluation and implementation of ESM. His advice includes:

  1. Develop within the environment you’re invested in
  2. Include professional services hours in the contract
  3. Include tech-savvy functional – or functional-savvy technical – resources in your configuration discussions
  4. Consider the various data feed integrations
  5. Choose where your workflows will live
  6. Only import a subset of suppliers into Ellucian Spend Management
  7. Recognize that you’ll have some dual maintenance (and be ok with it!)

You can read more about each of Steve’s lessons here.

Best Practices

Carmen Taylor, purchasing manager at Central Community College, shared seven best practices all institutions should embrace to have a successful implementation of Ellucian Spend Management.

  1. Identify what’s broken
  2. Articulate the benefit of making a change
  3. Start with baby steps
  4. Find your cheerleaders
  5. Identify the “must-haves” in a new solution
  6. Include lots of people in testing
  7. Set up an internal help desk

Read more about Carmen’s best practices here.



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