A modern, integrated procurement solution for West Virginia schools

Eliminate Outdated, Inefficient Procurement Processes

ESM Purchase, integrated with WVEIS, helps schools across the state of West Virginia eliminate paper-based forms, reduce manual processes, and speed up the approval process. Learn how ESM integrated with WVEIS can help your district, too.

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Topics/Solutions: ESM Purchase, integrated with WVEIS

  • Generate purchase orders automatically
  • Gain a full picture of order requests
  • Ensure pricing accuracy
  • Drive efficiencies across the procurement office
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Deliver an Integrated, Convenient Shopping Experience


Intuitive shopping tools and automated approvals connect buyers to the resources they need


 Intelligent tools influence buyer behavior and support better spend performance


A unified purchasing ecosystem that drives greater collaboration for improved visibility and control


The checks and validations needed to meet institutional policy and serve all members of your education community


The Problem

The procurement process at Wyoming County Schools was outdated and filled with inefficient, paper-based processes.

The Solution

ESM Purchase, integrated with WVEIS

The Outcomes

ESM Purchase will help Wyoming County Schools eliminate their paper-based request forms, reducing manual processes and speeding up approvals.

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“Being part of that system, and ultimately being the one who ran it until I left, showed me that [ESM Purchase] is just the easy, no-brainer solution that we needed here too.”
Grant Campbell, Treasurer, Wyoming County Schools

An Intelligent Marketplace for Better Spend Management

ESM Purchase, integrated with WVEIS, provides schools with a dynamic purchasing ecosystem powered by community insight. As a result, your district can eliminate manual processes, deliver a convenient and compliant shopping experience, understand and manage spend, and prioritize suppliers for a more diverse and sustainable supply chain.

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