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Build, manage, and evolve the procurement ecosystem that’s right for your institution.

Institutions across the country are facing new challenges. And procurement is front and center. You’re being asked to help keep students safe, reimagine how services are delivered, and find new ways to control costs and manage spend.

At a time of unprecedented challenges, the role of procurement has never been more important. At ESM, we’re delivering dynamic new technologies, powered by community insight, to help you work more strategically to deliver the resources your institution needs to thrive.

Deliver new insight

Provide a unified procurement ecosystem for improved visibility and control.

Source smarter

Guide your dollars to the vendors you want to do business with.

Manage spend more intelligently

Influence buyer behavior and leverage volume-based pricing.

Build a sustainable and diverse supply chain

Engage suppliers to improve collaboration and help every supplier deliver more value.

Manage the full contract lifecycle

Achieve better visibility and control of contracts for improved spend management.

Get a handle on Storeroom inventories

Manage internal storeroom inventories for just-in-time delivery.

Your platform for procurement transformation

Scalable cloud solutions that connect communities

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Create, manage, and monitor contracts

Improve compliance with better visibility across the contract lifecycle

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A single marketplace for every stakeholder

Gain control of your institution’s spend

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Source with agility and insight

Build a sustainable and diverse sourcing strategy

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Optimize supplier performance

Manage supplier relationships to drive value

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Case Studies

Modern Procurement, Integrated with WVEIS

McDaniel College – From Paper-based to Automated and Digital

Modernizing the Purchasing Process at McDaniel College

Delaware Valley University delivers a more convenient buying experience

ESM Purchase helps buyers make smarter purchasing decisions

Joliet Junior College masters supply chain uncertainty with ESM Source

During the pandemic, bidding and solicitation processes continue without interruption.

Joliet Junior College connects people to the resources they need

With ESM Purchase, JCC tracks spend, reduces costs, and delivers better service across its education community

Western Washington University drives sustainability and diversity

Influencing buyer behavior to support University values

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