Spending Solutions for K-12

With our signature eSchoolMall solution, we have been the go-to provider of spend management solutions in K-12 for almost 20 years

In K-12, you are accustomed to being asked to “do more with less.” It has been a way of life for years and the trend only seems to be getting stronger.

Your budgets are flat to declining.  If you’re lucky enough to have a growing budget, chances are it is growing slower than the demands placed upon it — more schools, more families, more students, but not necessarily with more funding.

While you are battling this seemingly impossible mathematical equation, you have to provide more transparency: proof of compliance with local, state, federal and even grant requirements spending.

We get it.

…and, believe it or not, we actually can help you.

ESM has been the go-to provider of spend management solutions in K-12 for almost 20 years. You might recognize us by our original brand name, eSchoolMall.  Since 1998, we have been connecting the classrooms, administration offices, and educational service agencies with your selected vendors.

Budget Friendly, Monthly Pricing

k-12 more than almost any other industry is restricted by tight annual budgets. For a solution to be a viable option, it needs to be low cost, and not have large one-time financial commitments.  All of our solutions offer monthly pricing options.  

Low Cost, Low Risk Ways to Start

The biggest challenge is getting started with low risk and low resistance.  A departmental solutions such as ESM Sourcing can be adopted within Procurement and deliver tens of thousands of dollars in savings in just one bidding event.

Compliance, Transparency and Reporting

Sourcing and Purchase solutions from ESM will help you grade, score and select vendors that meet any number of criteria you specify, including requirements for local, sustainable and MWBE vendors. ESM Purchase can highlight those vendors within the shopping environment and provide on-demand reporting so you always know where your money is going.

Become a revenue center for your organization

With rapid deployments, rapid adoptions and the ability to drive spend through your existing P-cards, you can generate tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in incremental rebates.

ERP integration

With ESM you are able to start with small, low cost, low risk projects for Sourcing, eProcurement and Contract Management. We can then offer a path of growth and sophistication as needed.  We fully integrate with the leading ERP systems in the K-12 market, including SunGard K-12, Munis and Lawson.
Get more vendors to compete for your business to get better prices, better terms, and more of what is best for your organization. 
Provide a single consumer-worthy shopping environment for your internal customers
Outdated spreadsheets leave you at risk for unpleasant surprise expirations and renewals.
Success Stories
baltimore public schools logo

Baltimore County Public Schools

Reallocated ~$5M in resources back to classroom from ePO vs. PO

Obtained over $400k in Rebates

“Our eProcurement frees purchasing personnel from clerical, order processing activities that are time-consuming and non-strategic. It allows them to focus on strategic activities, such as negotiating contracts with suppliers and analyzing purchasing behavior.”

Neshaminy School District Logo

Neshaminy School District

Saved over $75,000.

Achieved positive ROI in 2.5 months in their first year as an ESM Customer.

Loraine City Schools Logo

Loraine City Schools

582 sourcing events in 2016
Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 Logo

Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13

$40M processed through purchasing this year.  
Jersey City Public Schools Logo

Jersey City Public Schools

177 sourcing events in 2016
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