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ESM solutions announces promotional supply chain initiative with Consolidus

With rising focus on digital supply chains, Graybar is responding, extending a relationship with ESM Solutions that started back in 2011.

ESM solutions announces promotional supply chain initiative with Consolidus

Consolidus provides organizations with cost-effective solutions to better manage their branded and promotional merchandise. As institutions seek to increase the marketing of their programs and to develop their brands, Consolidus helps them to market their own unique values and characteristics
properly to create strong brand awareness. Branded materials provide longterm exposure and can significantly impact the perception of an institution.

“When multiple departments across campus are ordering from a large number of vendors, institutions are putting their brand at risk and failing to leverage their buying power,” said Todd Fitzwater, Corporate Sales Manager, Consolidus.

“Institutions are putting their brand at risk and failing to leverage their buying power.”

“We help address the challenges of fragmented spending, misuse of brand, unreliable partners, and a lack of visibility across all promotional products.”

Consolidus enables institutions to innovate, consolidate, and save with a seamless online store supported by expert branding and graphics teams. And integrated process management makes it simpler to leverage consolidated volume and purchasing power across multiple departments, campuses, and locations.

ESM shares the vision of a seamless experience for institutions. Combining the benefits of a team of
highly-specialized marketing and promotional experts at Consolidus, and the investments both companies have made in automation, the partnership provides access to over one million promotional products.

“We are really excited to join with Consolidus and create a seamless and optimized supply chain for
promotional and branded merchandise,” shares Joshua Faith, CEO, ESM Solutions.

Curation of the best promotional suppliers and the addition of specialist support teams enables ESM and Consolidus to help keep an institution’s brand safe and secure. “We work with suppliers that institutions can trust to provide the goods and services they need to bring more value to education,” continues Faith.

Natasha Brandenburg, Supplier Relationship Manager, ESM Solutions, adds “We identified a need to assist institutions in the promotional product category that not only could provide quality product, services and support, but also a customized experience with a successful punch-out catalog. One institution noted that their marketing staff “walked across campus with their heads down” because they didn’t want to see all the ways that the institution’s brand was being misused. We liked the idea of solving this challenge with Consolidus.

Together, ESM and Consolidus enable institutions to integrate their ERP and ESM procurement solutions and enjoy the benefit of integrated and tailored online promotional product catalogs that are specific to their needs. As a result, institutions can consolidate resources, protect their brand, and ultimately save
their organizations time and money.

“ESM’s Supplier Network allows us to connect with education customers and showcase all the ways we can enable seamless promotional purchasing,” says Justin Waynick, Director of Corporate Sales, Consolidus . “Thanks to the dedicated Enablement Team, we are able to work directly with ESM for the majority of the catalog implementation. Therefore taking much of the technical burden from the
schools, allowing them to focus on the day-to-day”.

Consolidus offers a streamlined, internet-based solution for companies purchasing promotional merchandise. Our lean technology management system enables users to consolidate the purchase of branded apparel, promotional products, print, and display materials across multiple departments and locations. As a result, organizations achieve greater cost savings, improved service quality, easier procurement, and increased brand management control.
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ESM makes it easy for faculty, staff, and students to browse, shop, and buy. Our solutions enable colleges and universities to curate trusted suppliers that are both brand safe and brand secure, giving their communities a sense of confidence that they are doing their part in fostering sustainable procurement.

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