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ESM extends a warm welcome to Harry Athey

I am passionate about the long-term growth potential that ESM has, and the good that we can do across the board for all the different organizations we will reach."

ESM Solutions has welcomed Harry Athey as Vice President of Engineering. Based in Colorado, Harry leads the infrastructure development teams at ESM, working with both in-house and outsourced development teams.

Harry has been working in cutting-edge technology for almost half a century. He said: “I have been working with computers since the late seventies and leading teams since the mid-eighties. I am a big fan of the Microsoft technology stack that we use here at ESM.” 

A US Navy veteran, Harry’s previous experience includes time spent as VP of Technology and as VP of Software Engineering, for world leaders in self-service solutions.


He is pleased to now be working in the education sector.  He said: “What interests me is that we can do a lot of social good, by helping educational institutions spend their money better, and by streamlining their processes. That is very exciting to me.

“To meet these challenges I bring decades of experience in building large-scale software systems and improving team performance, as well as a deep understanding of the cloud technologies and cutting-edge architectures that we are implementing, to benefit our clients.

“We strive to continually look at how to make our software easier to use and easier to integrate, great self-service capabilities help attract more customers and also offer our existing customers greater ease of integration and allow them to use our product better. For me, it is all about giving our clients the tools to improve.

“I am passionate about the long-term growth potential that ESM has, and the good that we can do across the board for all the different organizations we will reach,” he added.

And those based far away from the beautiful Rocky Mountains need not worry about direct communications and speed of response; when we spoke at 6 am Harry was already on his second meeting. He laughed: “I am naturally an early riser, but also I am used to working with east coast hours, as so many of the people I speak to are based there. I am happy to adapt.”

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