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Our tools are designed to support the struggle of every teacher and every administrator as they push to change the world, one student at a time.” 

ESM is delighted to announce Really Good Stuff – a subsidiary of Excelligence Learning Corporation – as a partnered supplier focused on K12.

The Connecticut-based company, which has been working with ESM since 2014, offers a huge range of innovative, teacher-created classroom solutions for kids from infancy to 8th grade. You can find teacher supplies and resources, classroom organization and furniture, distance learning equipment, play & learn, BTS bundles, SEL support, and much more on their bright, exciting website.
“We have been an education industry leader for more than 25 years.  Our tools are designed to support the struggle of every teacher and every administrator as they push to change the world, one student at a time,” said Kelly Sullivan of Really Good Stuff.
“Really Good Stuff’s team stays in touch with the education frontline to ensure that it offers the right solutions at the right time,” Kelly goes on to say: “Our product development team is made up of experienced former teachers who understand the struggles faced in today’s climate and help to solve them by creating an unrivaled selection of top-quality products, designed to stand up to extensive classroom use, day in and day out. We’re out there talking and listening to teachers all the time through focus groups, online feedback, conferences, classroom visits, and our teacher advisors in every state”.
Really Good Stuff offers customized support and resources through the educational solutions team, who work with administrators to tailor product solutions to each school/classroom’s needs and budget. They ensure they are on top of the latest educational trends with new product lines like Steve Spangler Science, Really Good Box of Stuff, and ColorClass, plus tools for family engagement, SEL, and more.
Strong partnership
Sharing a dedication to education and recognizing their scope and standards, ESM has a long-standing relationship with Really Good Stuff, and is happy now to embrace the team as a partnered supplier.  Kelly said: “As a partnered supplier within ESM’s vendor network, we are excited to showcase our education-focused team and our education products to ESM’s K-12 community.”  Kelly continues, “ESM has had a long reputation for being focused on education clients, providing easy-to-use procurement tools, which help schools to efficiently and securely order online from their own preferred vendors and catalogs. Our Really Good Stuff team has committed to a deeper level of marketplace integration with ESM to bring even more convenience to our customers”.



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