Are you ready to take control of your contracts?

Control Your Contracts

Practical approaches to gain control over your contracts

Today’s colleges, universities, school systems and local governments operate in an extremely tight financial and economic environment. Shrinking budgets, headcount reductions and increasing costs have these organizations between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

For contract management professionals who work across departments, however, those aren’t the only challenges. They also face a number of obstacles, including:

  • Rising contract volumes
  • Increasingly complex legal terms and conditions
  • Higher numbers of problematic provisions appearing in terms and conditions
  • Untrained staff members, who come to the table with varying skills
  • Signature authority issues
  • The growing use of click-through terms and conditions by suppliers

Contract management software solutions can make the work easier, especially flexible ones that mold themselves to an organization’s already existing and often unique workflows. These tools, which cover the entire lifecycle of a contract from creation to execution, increase operational efficiencies, ensure compliance and decrease risk.

Even without a software solution, however, there are a number of practical steps that you can take to ensure your contract management strategy is efficient and effective.

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