Even before the Ellucian-ESM partnership was announced, institutions like the University of Alabama enjoyed the benefits of our combined solutions.

Together they provide users with easy access to the goods and services they need while providing complete control and visibility of all transactions throughout the system.

Visibility. Analytics. Oversight.

That’s what the University of Alabama has with spend management solutions from ESM and Ellucian.


Enthusiastic support from Alabama’s administrators.

An easy-to-use online shopping portal.

A marketplace with only Alabama’s vendors and contracts to cut maverick spend.

Training videos to quickly onboard new users.


Full reporting capabilities to track and analyze spend.

Full integration with Alabama’s ERP - Banner by Ellucian.

“We’ve completely changed how we do business at The University of Alabama”


Kevin Stevens
Executive Director for Procurement Services
University of Alabama

A change was required

Maverick spend was one problem when The University of Alabama turned to ESM. A lack of visibility and reporting capabilities contributed to Alabama’s procurement problems. ESM Purchase resolved those issues - and offered up plenty of other advantages too.

The University of Alabama needed to:


Move away from inefficient paper processes.

Automate spend management.


Reign in maverick spend.

Gain visibility into its spending habits.

Dive deep into its analytics to better steer budget dollars.

“ESM was the best fit for what we wanted to do.”

Kevin Stevens

Executive Director for Procurement Services, University of Alabama

Single Shopping Destination

23 annual contracts covering nearly all purchases from office supplies to IT needs.

With ESM, we dropped the paper processes and automated purchasing with an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that my administrators love.

Purchasing Progress with ESM

More transactions.
Better discounts.
More rebates.

P-Cards Total
Dollars Value


P-Cards Total
Transaction Volume

More lower-cost transactions going through P-cards

Average transaction value 
2016: $756
2018: $628

The more spend we put through the system, the more we can report, and the better discounts we get.

Kevin Stevens

Executive Director for Procurement Services

Total Purchase Order Value Processed

(non-catalog spend)





Transaction Volume

All of our purchase orders go through the solution so we have better visibility, better reporting, and a more informed position with our suppliers. By being integrated to Banner, all Purchase Orders are properly recorded against the general ledger.

Intuitive for Users

At first, Alabama offered face-to-face training programs when employees signed on. Now, because the platform is so easy to use, they simply rely on on-demand training videos.

“They can do that at their own speed and their own desk. We’re not limited by the size of the room or the number of computers availableWe don’t even hold instructor-led training sessions any more! All training is through an e-learning portal and on-demand.

Kevin Stevens

Executive Director for Procurement Services

Maverick Spend Controlled

Maverick spending, particularly for software, hardware and scientific supplies, used to be a problem. But now buyers must - and can - find every item they need in the ESM-built online marketplace.

  • Spend with on-contract vendors is increasing.
  • Fewer P-card violations related to contract purchases occur.
  • More people are getting approval purchases and/or buying more on-contract.


ESM Purchase integrated seamlessly with Alabama’s ERP - Banner by Ellucian.

“It’s seamless and essentially real-time in the way it communicates with ESM Purchase. Our finance and administrators love the transparency.”

ESM was recently awarded Ellucian’s 2018 Engagement Award.

ESM is the very first spend management provider to integrate its solution with Ellucian’s Ethos communication platform.

What’s Next?


bids have gone through the solution in just the first 4 months

The first report I get out of the sourcing solution will be the very first report I’ve ever had about our bids and quotes. I look forward to tracking how many bids we send out and how many we close thanks to this solution.

Kevin Stevens

Executive Director for Procurement Services, University of Alabama





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